Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Spectrum Industrial Flooring has pioneered the use of urethanes in commercial kitchen flooring applications. Our flooring system for commercial kitchens provide long term durability ease of cleaning, good slip resistance, and attractive finishes. Constant floor repairs become a thing of the past. Clients such as Hard Rock Café, LSG Sky Chefs, and Disney World have come to realize the benefits of a properly designed and installed commercial kitchen floor.


Durable, easy to clean, and slip resistant

New construction or existing restaurants can benefit from a kitchen floor that is durable, easy to clean, and slip resistant. Unlike tile that has grout lines which can harbor bacteria and is prone to failure and constant repairs. Urethane mortars will provide decades of service life while promoting safety and cleanliness. This is a product that will permanently bond to the concrete. Kitchen odors that reside under the tile will immediately be removed.

This is a single application product that is used in food manufacturing facilities. It is durable enough for heavy industry. Imagine what it can do in a restaurant kitchen. The ability to quickly install a kitchen floor in short windows makes this an ideal repair product to rehab an existing floor.

During new construction, these floors can be installed early in the project. Little protection of the floor is needed to the durability. The vertical base is the same urethane and provides a sealed surface that protects the floor plates in the wall construction. Unwanted rot and deterioration is greatly reduced along with the foul odors. The ability to withstand high temperatures around fryers is ideal. This is the same reason Frito Lay and other large food companies use this floor in their production areas.

If you are looking for a floor that does not require expensive maintenance, look at Spectrum Industrial Flooring.

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